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LS -Solid Mount Front Engine Plate - Download



Purchase includes a digital  .IPT and .DXF file for a front mounting plate that can be used on the popular LS based engines.  The file requires software capable of opening .IPT files or .DXF.  


Why a .IPT file?  So you can modify the design as needed to fit your individual needs.  The software should then be able to export the design as a .dxf, .stl, .stp,  etc depending on what your fabricator requires.


We've also included the .DXF to take directly to the shop of your choosing! 


Mounting an engine via a front plate is not a "bolt in" option and will require you to have some fabrication skills.  The dimensions of the plate are approximately 36"x16".  We use a waterjet to cut our plates which requires virtually no adjustment or clean up afterwards.  Your results may vary depending on which cutting method you choose.  Modifications to the plate may be required depending on your exact configuration of accesories.  Due to the seemingly infinite variations out there, please do not ask us what will be needed to make your setup work.  


The file can be used on a range of materials but we used 1/4" 6061 T6 Aluminum for our plate.  


This file download is not to be shared, distributed, or fabricated beyond what is needed for personal use.  I.E. Please don't make them for your friends or sell them. 


Once purchased an email will arrive with the instructions to download. Please allow 48 hours for the email to arrive and be sure to check your spam folder.  


***The modified version of the plate used on our BMW E30 "353" build can be found under the BMW section of our site.***


Refunds can not be given once downloaded. Please contact us with any issues. 

LS -Solid Mount Front Engine Plate - Download

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