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Honda K24 Z3 Series Engine

Included are multiple file types for a 3D scan of Honda's popular K24 Z3 series engine.  Theses files are perfect to develop new parts or start that K series swap in your next project! 


These scans contain a mesh file outlining the whole engine, as well as solid bodies outlining the bolt holes or flanges.  These are to be used for reference only.  The sizes and exact spacing of holes should be tested on prototype flanges before going to production.  A thin 3d printed part often works well for this.  If you have never worked with mesh files, be patient.  These often make the CAD programs run significantly slower, and it can be frustrating.



Several common file formats are included.  Please read below on the specifics for each CAD package.


Autodesk Programs

We highly recommend you use the .ipt file.  This includes a Mesh file as well as the solid bodies for flanges.  Inventor makes working with mesh files easy, as complex models don’t bog the program down too much.  Also, to generate usable planes, any 3 points can be grabbed from the mesh.  It is easier to see these scans if the ipt is put into a assembly and the color of the part changed.



Solidworks doesn’t handle these large mesh files very well.  It can handle them smoothly if imported as graphics bodys, but these are for reference only, and you cannot establish planes on them.  If imported as a sheet or solid body, the program often freezes up, but 3 point can be picked to establish a plane.  For the sake of simplicity, we have included an assembly that has the sheet body imported as a graphics body, and the flanges aligned as a solid body.  This allows the engine body to be used an interference reference but add on components to be drawn referencing the established solid flanges.  Using a file like this allows solidworks to run at a reasonable pace.


Other CAD Programs

Different CAD programs run large mesh bodies differently.  Try some of the different processes discussed above.  It is very possible the mesh file must be combined with the solid models of the holes and flanges.  Included in this package are files with just the mesh as well as files with the solid bodies.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or additional scan details.  If you find anything off with the hole spacing or flanges, feel free to let us know and we will edit the model for the future.  After payment, a link will be sent to your email with instructions on downloading the .zip file.  Please check spam folder for email. Refunds cannot be given once the files have been downloaded. 

Honda K24 Z3 Series Engine


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