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E30 BMW Sunroof Crank Knob - 3D file

Replace the broken, dry rotted, missing manual sunroof crank knob with a 3d printed version!  Designed with internal ridges to help "snap" onto the post.  The file included is a .STL


We printed ours using a Lulzbot with standard PLA and a "finish" setting.   The knob is a designed as a tight fit and will need to be "pressed" onto the handle.


To aid in installation, we placed the handle in the freezer and the knob in boiling water and then quickly assembled. 


This file download is not to be shared, distributed, or fabricated beyond what is needed for personal use.  I.E. Please don't make them for your friends or sell them. 


Once purchased an email will arrive with the instructions to download. Please allow 48 hours for the email to arrive and be sure to check your spam folder.  


Refunds can not be given once downloaded. Please contact us with any issues.

E30 BMW Sunroof Crank Knob - 3D file

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