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RDE Performance Aftermarket Parts
RDE Robert Founder

Robert Co-Founder

Datsun 510


Mechanical Engineer
Design and Fabrication


Robert currently works as a design and fabrication engineer.  These skills have proved to be invaluable to growing RDE into something more than just a past time for Robert and Dean into something with custom made products for the local community.

RDE Dean Founder

Dean Co-Founder

17 Subaru WRX


Mechanical Engineer
Research and Development

Dean currently works as an R&D engineer in a powertrain testing facility.  This has given him a chance to work first hand in the automotive industry as well gain the programming knowledge necessary for tuning, controls development, and experience in the research and development of products.

Dean also holds a joint Patent with Cummins because of this work. 

RDE Shaan Owner

Shaan Co-Owner

E30 BMW M3


Mechanical Engineer
Design and Fabrication


An avid automotive enthusiast, Shaan has been wrenching on cars since he was a kid.  Currently working as a senior process engineer he spends his free time in the garage or with his family.  Shaan has worked for professional race teams and helped support a team during 2006-2007 Grand-Am Season, including the 24hrs of Daytona in 2007.  He is the founder and captain of Busted Axle Motorsports and has been competing in the ChumpCar World Series since 2012.

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